Sık sorulan: How To String A Fishing Reel?

Do you need to soak fishing line before spooling?

Warm Water Better line lay on your spool will ensure better casting performance. Usually a few hours soaking time will do but I tend to leave mine soaking overnight with the use of a heavy lead to ensure the whole spool of line is under the water.

How much line should be on a fishing reel?

Casting reels should be between an eighth of an inch from the top and all the way to the top. If you get too much line on them, you’ll get a weird sound when you cast. Spinning reels should be all the way full, right to the top. If you get too much line on them, the line will jump off the spool in coils.

Can you put mono on a spinning reel?

Heavier monofilament and fluorocarbon lines do not perform well on spinning reels because the diameter of the line is large enough that the spooled line will jump off the reel spool when casting. This creates monstrous backlashes that are not easy to fix – plus it wastes time on the water.

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How do you tie a secure knot on a fishing line?


  1. Double your line to make a loop, then push the loop through the eye of your hook.
  2. Tie a loose overhand knot.
  3. Pass the loop around the end of the hook.
  4. Pull on the line to tighten.
  5. Trim the loose end of the line if necessary.

How much does a fishing reel cost?

On average, a new fishing reel will cost somewhere around $112 USD for something of high quality but will range between $50 and $200.

Why is my fishing pole not reeling in?

When a fishing reel won’t reel in, there are two common problems to look for: The line is tangled, or the cast-bail is askew. Fixing either of these problems is quickly done, in the field or at home, using a minimum of hand tools. There is no need to remove any cover with spin reels as they have open faces.

How does a closed reel work?

What Is a Closed Face Fishing Reel? Unlike open face reels that have exposed lines, with closed face versions, you don’t see the spool. Instead, the fishing line is enclosed inside the nose cone of the reel and has a hole in it that allows the line to pass through.

What is the best fishing line for a spincast reel?

For a spincasting reel the best suited line is monofilament. Monofilament has stretch and “give” versus braid or fluorocarbon which both have very little stretch in the line and are more complicated to manage. Additionally, monofilament is a softer line which allows it to sit on the spool better than stiffer lines.

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Why does my fishing line keep unraveling?

1. You Put Too Much or Too Heavy of Line on Your Spool. The biggest culprit for why your fishing line unravels and falls off the spool is there simply isn’t enough space for it in the first place. If you overfill your spool, your fishing line won’t stay as tight and will unravel on its own.

Is fluorocarbon line better than mono?

Also boosting sensitivity, fluoro sinks faster than mono, resulting in less slack or bow between the lure and rodtip. Toughness—Fluorocarbon is more abrasion resistant than standard nylon monofilament of the same diameter. Waterproof—Unlike mono and some superlines, fluoro doesn’t absorb water.

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