How To Get Fish Lego Worlds?

How do you fish for Penguin in LEGO Worlds?

Notes. The Penguin’s only request is for a Sand Green Fish. If you can get close enough to trigger the quest and give it the fish, that will tame the creature and you can then discover it and add it to your collection.

How do you get orange fish in LEGO Worlds?


  1. Orange Fish cannot be found in Polar Plains or the Frosty Forest and only Orange Fish can be found in Wicked Wasteland.
  2. Dark Grey Fish are the only ones in the Weird Woods.
  3. Different creatures want different kinds of fish, so make sure to catch all five!
  4. Despite water appearing on Moon worlds, no Fish spawn there.

What is the secret creature in LEGO Worlds?

Ultrakatty’ is a rideable Creature in LEGO Worlds that is unlocked via a special Code gained from a McDonald’s Happy Meal toy promotional crossover released in early 2019.

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What are the codes for Lego worlds?

Lego World valid and active codes

  • LY9C8M – Lock and roller (Nexo Knights).
  • XP3BN2 – Lance’s Driller (Nexo Knights).
  • P42FJ6 – Police car (LEGO City).
  • BG7DWK – Getaway Car (LEGO City).
  • U98BR2 – Pizza Van (LEGO City).
  • ND284C – Jungle Buggy.
  • XP76VF – Jungle cargo helicopter.
  • YG43JH – Manta Ray Bomber.

How do you unlock Monster Town in LEGO worlds?

Like other DLC-based biomes (such as the Moon and Winter Wonderland), Monster Town comes as a complete world by itself. Simply search for random worlds several times, and a Monster Town world will be generated (marked by a spooky house silhouette on the Galaxy Map).

How many biomes are in LEGO worlds?

These worlds can be across a variety of Biomes. There are 20 kinds of Biomes, and they can vary in terrain and elevation. Each biome can spawn different props, builds, characters, creatures, and vehicles.

Where are the gold bricks in LEGO worlds?

A single Gold Brick. A Gold Brick (or “Discovery Brick”) is a special Item found in many Treasure Chests, earned through completing Quests, captured from Troublemakers or purchased from the Trader.

Where is the spooky girl in LEGO worlds?

The latter can be found on Harry-Mulligan-892/F at X:-14.41, Y:26.78, Z:-50.08) After this, she should be available to spawn in the swamps Next, go to the Lawless Lagoon and seek the Spooky Girl standing by some lab equipment (Try the Galactic Coordinates 163-193-103/D at X:-59.526, Y:27.072, Z:26.489 ).

Where is the forest dragon in Lego worlds?

The Dragon was one of the original Creatures available in LEGO Worlds dating back to the Early Access. It could be found in the Lava biome.

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Where is the Golden Dragon in LEGO worlds?

The Golden Dragon is a rare creature found on a golden cloud above the perilous peaks biome. This cloud can only be reached by using a creature such as an eagle to get up there. Once up there, you cannot discover it until you defeat it in battle, and is a very tough opponent.

How do you get pom poms in LEGO worlds?

The Blue Pom-poms are not requested by anyone, and can only be received as a Quest reward from the Cheerleader, when you finish helping her decorate the 1950s Dance Hall. The Green Pom-poms cannot be received and are only part of the Zombie Cheerleader’s idle animations.

Are there enemies in LEGO worlds?

Combat is a natural and regular part of playing LEGO Worlds. Frequently Quests require defeating one or more enemies in order to advance the Quest. Many Characters and Creatures must be defeated in order to unlock them for discovery.

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