FAQ: Where To Buy Discus Fish?

Where do you find discus fish?

Discus are found in floodplain lakes and flooded forests of the lowland Amazon River basin and some of its tributaries, including the Rio Negro. These areas experience extreme changes in water level due to seasonal flooding. Discus tend to congregate near fallen trees, known as “galhadas”, along the shore.

Are discus fish easy to keep?

These fish are very difficult to keep You can make Discus keeping as hard as you like! People do, but those who enjoy the best success and relish in the hobby will in the main keep things very simple. Feed them well, Discus will eat a lot. Keep your hands out of the tank!

What is the best size to buy discus fish?

What Size Tank Do You Need for Discus? Bigger is always better, so we personally recommend a 75-gallon aquarium or larger. You can do a 55-gallon tank, but then you’re forced to do a lot of water changes. Remember that these fish get big, usually 5 to 7 inches in diameter if you’re doing things right.

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What is the prettiest freshwater fish?

It includes a wide range of beautiful species, so there’s something for everyone!

  1. Peacock Cichlid. We’re starting off our list of colorful freshwater fish with the Peacock Cichlid.
  2. Jack Dempsey.
  3. Electric Blue Acara.
  4. Discus.
  5. German Blue Ram.
  6. Endler’s Livebearer.
  7. Paradise Fish.
  8. Gourami.

What is the lifespan of a discus fish?

In home aquariums, discus live for an average of 10 years, but can live up to 15 years, and can grow up to 8 inches.

Do discus really need daily water changes?

Discus fish don’t require daily water changes unless they are juveniles, and you want to grow them to their maximum potential. However, they still need frequent water changes, and you should certainly do it if you want to raise a healthy, big, and beautiful fish.

How many discus fish should be kept together?

Discus should be kept together, and those of different varieties will also school together meaning you can have great color variations. A minimum of 5 is recommended, but more will look better and create a sturdier group.

What is the best food to feed discus fish?

The 6 Best Food for Discus Fish – Reviews 2021

  1. Hikari USA Inc. Tropical Discus Bio-Gold – Best Overall.
  2. Seachem NutriDiet Discus Flakes – Best Value. Check Latest Price.
  3. Sera 307 Discus Granules – Premium Choice. Check Latest Price.
  4. Cobalt Discus Hans Flakes.
  5. Ocean Nutrition Discus Flakes.
  6. Omega One Discus Sinking Pellets.

Can you keep discus in tap water?

Stendker Discus are kept in TAP WATER, “yes”! TAP WATER this makes their care so much easier and means that almost without exception where ever you live in the UK you can keep these fish with a little understanding of their species specific care.

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Can you keep just 2 discus?

15-gallon tank You can keep 2 discus fish in this size but they won’t live happily or for a long time. However, you can keep 2 baby discus fish when they are not fully grown inside a 15-gallon tank. For healthy growth of discus fry, get the tank water cleaned regularly or install a high-quality filter.

Can I keep discus with angelfish?

Angelfish are usually peaceful, but they can be aggressive when feeding and breeding. Discus fish are docile and may be deprived of food by angelfish. You can put them together but make sure the discus fish is eating.

What size tank do I need for 2 discus?

When keeping a pair of discus fish, the two fish should be at least 14 cm in size, because two smaller fish, kept as a pair, will not grow well in size, as “competitive feeding” does not take place.

What is the minimum tank size for discus fish?

While it’s possible for discus to reach a length of 9 inches, this is only if they’re kept for a long time in the best conditions possible. Most discus in the common aquarium max out at 4.5-6 inches. Based on this size range, the minimum tank size would be a 55 gallon tank, but the bigger the better for these guys.

How many discus should a tank have?

You will need to allow ten gallons for each discus. Also discus being a shoaling species a minimum number of at least six discus will need to be kept. So with this information so far we can see that a tank of at least 60 gallons will need to be used for keeping discus.

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