FAQ: How To Solve The Problem In Re4 Fish Fighting?

How do you kill the fish in re4?

Try to avoid the obstacles when he pulls you, try to hit him with the harpoons at the same time, by aiming a little higher. When he seems to have disappeared and you auto switch to aiming mode, wait for the signal about his location and shoot as much as you can. Aim a little lower to be sure to hit him.

How do you fight Del Lago?

Every now and then, Del Lago will disappear in the water and the boat will stop, and you’ll get a chance to hit it with two or three spears. The most damage is done if you hit its mouth, of course, but hitting its back as it pulls you along also helps. It takes around ten spears to kill it.

What is the hardest boss in re4?

13 Hardest Resident Evil Bosses, Ranked By Difficulty

  1. 1 Derek Simmons (Resident Evil 6)
  2. 2 Nemesis’ Final Form (Resident Evil 3 Remake)
  3. 3 The T-078 (Resident Evil: Code Veronica)
  4. 4 Nemesis (Resident Evil 3: Nemesis)
  5. 5 Queen Leech (Resident Evil 0)
  6. 6 U3 (Or “It”) (Resident Evil 4)
  7. 7 Super Tyrant ‘Mr.
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How do I fix Resident Evil 4 not working?

If Resident Evil 4 still isn’t launching, try rebooting your computer with the 60 Hz screen refresh rate applied, and then try again, running Steam as admin if needed. To revert back to your monitor’s original settings: Open the reset-all. exe file in the same directory as the CRU.exe file.

What are eggs for Resident Evil 4?

RE4. The Chicken Egg is, as its name implies, an egg laid by a chicken or a snake. When consumed, it restores a small amount of health. It can also be used as an equippable weapon, with little to no effect on most enemies.

What are the enemies in Resident Evil 4?

Every Enemy In Resident Evil 4 (And The Best Weapon To Use Against Them)

  1. 1 Plagas (Flash Grenades)
  2. 2 Iron Maiden (Rifle)
  3. 3 Novistador (Shotgun)
  4. 4 Regenerador (Rifle)
  5. 5 J.J. (Rifle)
  6. 6 Armadura (Magnum)
  7. 7 Garrador (Rifle)
  8. 8 Colmillos (TMP/Shotgun)

How do you get the mask in Resident Evil 4?

It can be found in a treasure chest on the second floor balcony. In Separate Ways, a mask can be found in the Village center where the player starts Chapter 1. The mask is in the one-story house opposite the larger one Leon hides in. The mask is in the back room, which is accessible by breaking the lock.

What is the elegant headdress for in Resident Evil 4?

The Elegant Headdress is a treasure item that appears in Resident Evil 4. It is a headdress decorated with a rare gem. Two can be found and each can be sold to the Merchant for 10,000₧.

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Is RE7 or RE8 scarier?

RE8 has its scary peaks too of course, but they almost all come in the first half of the game. This doesn’t mean that RE7 is better than RE8 of course. Rather, it’s just more likely to deliver a more satisfying overall horror experience.

Who is the strongest Resident Evil Boss?

The 10 Most Powerful Bosses In The Resident Evil Games

  1. 1 Jack Baker. Jack Baker is like the human form of the Tyrants – quite literally unstoppable and able to morph into grotesque versions of itself.
  2. 2 Mendez.
  3. 3 T-078.
  4. 4 Mr.
  5. 5 The Nemesis.
  6. 6 Marguerite Baker.
  7. 7 Verdugo.
  8. 8 U-3.

What is the best version of re4?

1 Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition Even though the Nintendo Wii doesn’t output the best graphics, it is widely considered to be the best Resident Evil 4 port because of its phenomenal use of motion control.

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