2017's Best Fish Finders

best fish finder

...and what fishermen REALLY think about 43 of them

The best fish finders have to fit you, your budget, your boat and the kinds of waters you fish.

But if you've been looking around for very long, I'm sure the other sites you've been on don't take that approach. They show you the best fish finders for them instead of helping you pick the best one for you.

Instead of showing you the 10 or 12 most popular models, we've looked at every fish finder we could find...43 in all!

That way you can compare and contrast yourself.

If you're looking for the fish finders your fellow fishermen have overwhelmingly chosen as their favorites, just follow the links below.

If you're not sure exactly what you'd like, the snapshot reviews below start with the most expensive units at the top and proceed to the least expensive at the bottom.​ If you're on a budget, just select your price range below.

How Our Reviews Work

What you'll find below are product snapshots. We give you a quick overview of each fish finder, it's specs and special/custom features. Then we assign star ratings based on a summary of all the product reviews we've been able to find online. Finally, we select a couple of representative quotes from real fishermen to let you see how each fish finder performs in the real world.

We are constantly doing in-depth fish finder reviews, so if we've done one on the model you're interested in, it will be linked inside the snapshot box.

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